October 01, 2001
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October 2001

Building Personal Charisma

imageWhen you enter a room, walk in like you own the joint, advises author Susan Wilson Solovic in The Girls' Guide to Power and Success (AMACOM; www.amacombooks.org). Following are some of Solovic's charisma-building tips, which work for men as well as women.

Stand tall. Hold your head up high. Keep your back straight and hands at your sides.

Psych yourself up. One woman tells herself, "OK boys, it's show time. Let's play ball," as she enters a meeting.

Don't fidget. Keep hands and arms relaxed.

Don't nod or tilt. Bobbing one's head up and down or tilting it to the side when listening is an indicator of submission.

Make eye contact. Hold the gaze of the person to whom you are speaking.

Speak out. Charismatic people seem to know what to say, without a lot of "ums" and "uhs." This is the result of careful preparation.


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