by Jennifer Nicole Dienst | February 01, 2009

wine-tastingWine tasting events are great for discovering new labels, but how often do you write down the name of the wines you loved so much? Enter Winefellow (, a full-service wine tasting, catering and educational event company that records not only the wines you try, but how you rate them.

Every guest gets a name badge with a bar code. Wine stewards circulate and scan the badges as guests sample the wines, also recording their comments and ratings in real time. The next day, guests receive custom e-mails with a list of the wine labels, their personal ratings and the group's overall ratings of each.

"We try to get guests to think about what kinds of the wines they like," says Cheryl Beck, Winefellow's business director, noting the activity is a good option for groups who might be new to wine tasting. "This is also great for sponsors who can use the e-mail as a follow-up."

Groups or venues can provide the wine list, or Winefellow will help create one for groups anywhere in the United States.