October 01, 2000
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts September 2000

Current Issue
September 2000
Short Cuts:
On the SpotIf you were to organize a masked ball, what mask would you wear to it?

“A mask with a face of a young child on it. Then I could simply sit back, watch and look in wonder at everyone else in the room. I would be able to meet a lot of people and continually ask silly questions, which would be a great way to work the room.”
Deborah Agricola Kuns, CMP
Ethan Allen Travel
San Mateo, Calif.

“A black mask with peacock feathers. It is colorful, creative, elegant and somewhat mysterious. The mystery part is beneficial, as it forces people to think a little further to try to figure things out. Is the mask part of a creative incentive program, an innovative marketing idea or something unique in regard to the person wearing it? It would represent the idea that not everything needs to be spelled out.”
Ann Ertsas
Director of Marketing, North America
Euromic, Inc.
Chicago, Ill.
“I would go to the ball as a fairy godmother, so I could have the power to grant wishes. Top of my list would be, ‘Please make this ballroom larger,’ but I would definitely ask to make the breakout space larger, too, and to have T1 Internet lines installed everywhere. Such a mask would have unlimited benefits for a meeting planner.”
Mary Russell, CMP
Hamilton Group Meeting Planners
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