September 01, 1999
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts September 1999

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September 1999
Short Cuts:
On the SpotWhat was the worst dish you have eaten or served at a function?

"Buffalo meat. I couldn't decide if I didn't like it because of the taste or because it was buffalo, but either way it was gross. I lied and said I was a vegetarian so I could get the pasta."
Heather Barton
Event Marketing Manager

"Once we did a surf-and-turf where the guests had the option of beef or chicken with their fish.The beef was well-done on all 900 platters, and the chicken was so dry we thought the chef must have taken a two-hour cigarette break while it was cooking."
John G. McConahy, CMP, CMM
President/Executive Producer
Imagination Plus Inc.
"Quiche. Fort Worth, Texas. 1982. It was served to our state leaders 45 men. The caterer talked me into it against my better judgment. Over the next two or three days, each one of them stopped by my office and said, 'Don't you ever serve quiche to us again.' It didn't seem to matter how good the quiche was. Seventeen years have gone by, and each year at the national convention, someone will say, 'You're not serving quiche, are you?'"
Jack Williams, CMP
Convention Coordinator
National Association of Free Will Baptists Inc.
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