by by Tom Isler | March 01, 2009

icwebsiteDave Einzig has a vision: Someday soon, meeting planners will use the services of electronic marketing companies the same way associations now use management companies to handle administrative duties or convention services companies for annual meetings.

Einzig is the founder and CEO of Industry Connect, a New York City-based firm that provides e-marketing and database management solutions for trade shows and associations. Last December, Einzig officially launched a suite of products that looks like the future -- the near future -- of digital communication and revenue generation for planners.

Individual clients can pick and choose what elements they want, as well as whether and how much to charge exhibitors to use them, but there’s a broad range of what Industry Connect can offer.

The system is based on "feeds," meaning exhibitors can upload announcements that get pushed out through multiple channels: attendee e-newsletters, the convention’s website, attendee "dashboards," exhibitor directory profiles, and widgets that anyone can place on their own websites and which act as promotional tools for the show. Attendees can browse, customize and flag news of interest, an action that alerts the exhibitor of the lead. Einzig says he wants to reach even further -- to integrate the platform with existing social networking sites, create what he calls a "B2B Craigslist" and launch a customizable website that’s an aggregator of industry news.

The idea is to generate revenue year-round and off of the show floor. Einzig says the tools work better for larger shows, but all can benefit from the products and this approach to digital communications.