September 01, 2002
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August 2002

Managing Your Anger

image Whether it’s a simmering complaint or a boiling rage, anger can lead to problems at work and at home. The Alexandria, Va.-based National Mental Health Association ( offers the following ways to help you keep your cool.

EXPRESS YOURSELF. Being assertive instead of aggressive is a healthier way of making feelings known. Rather than snapping at others, practice clearly articulating your needs and how you’d like them to be met.

BE RATIONAL. When people get mad, they tend to exaggerate the reasons for their ire. Replacing anger-fueled perceptions with realistic assessments gives one a more balanced and calmer perspective.

BITE YOUR TONGUE. A heated argument often causes combatants to yell out the first thing that comes to mind. Slow down, listen to others and think through a response before speaking.

CHANGE YOUR SCENERY. If part of your daily routine is causing you grief, find an alternative. For example, if driving through the morning rush hour leaves your nerves frazzled, find a more peaceful route, or ride a bus.


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