by by Jennifer Nicole Dienst | April 01, 2009



LL You Bars$40 Send a healthful and delicious gift by way of, a site that lets customers build nutrition bars from the base (almond or peanut butter) to all the mix-ins (nuts, fruits and grains). About $40 for 13 bars; corporate logos can be added for a fee.





LL Granola$10 Nutritious and versatile, custom granola mixes from Mix My Granola are addictive and fun to create. $10 to $15 for a 16-oz. canister; corporate logos can be added.








LL Seybert nap ring$20 Kim Seybert's coral-inspired, hand-beaded napkin rings add color and whimsy to any tablescape. $80 for a set of four.





LL Plum nap ring$3 Plum Party's adjustable glitter branch napkin rings have just the right amount of sparkle. $36 for a set of 12.