August 01, 1999
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts August 1999 Current Issue
August 1999

Work habits. Now that practically everyone in the world spends part of their business day in front of a computer, Compaq has come up with a terrific guide to geek comfort( The site hits all the important points; pages are arranged under such categories as "Finding Your Comfort Zone," "Arranging Your Work Area" and "Important Electrical and Mechanical Safety Information."

Blast off. Got an important message that absolutely, positively has to be delivered right away? MessageBlaster ( the information instantly to everyone in your address book, using their preferred medium: by phone, fax, e-mail, pager or snail-mail. You can even track the message to make sure it was delivered.

Travel jobs. Yours in Travel Personnel Agency ( a site specializing in marrying job-hunters and job-seekers in the travel industry.


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