by By Tom Isler | May 01, 2009
05089SC Better YetIt's never a bad time to brush up on the latest best practices in résumé writing. Allison Nawoj, corporate communications manager for, advises on some common issues.

Layoffs. Be honest about gaps between employment and circumstances of a dismissal. Highlight productive activities or new skills acquired between jobs.

Objectives. Many sample résumés on or begin with a statement of objective or a summary of skills. Nawoj says these aren't vital, but many people use that space to catch an employer's eye with details otherwise buried in the document.

Job history. A résumé should communicate your skills and achievements, so tease out worthy accomplishments in bullet points. And don't be afraid to have a lengthy job history, as long as entries are relevant to the position you seek.

E-formats. Video résumés aren't (yet) worth the trouble, but posting your résumé on a networking site such as CareerBuilder's can give you increased exposure.