August 01, 2002
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August 2002

How to Handle a Promotion

image Congratulations on that hard-earned move up the career ladder. Now comes the real challenge. According to the advice Web site Career Intelligence (, most people are not trained for supervisory positions and end up resenting their new role. To stay on top of your game, follow these tips.

SPEAK UP. Do not assume employees know what you want. Communicate often and openly. Periodically ask how things are going, and reach out for feedback.

FIND A MENTOR. In a large office, supervisors can turn to their managers. Not so in a small business. A local chamber of commerce might help you find a mentor who will offer guidance and discuss frustrations.

REMAIN PROFESSIONAL. Many first-time managers make the mistake of trying to form cozy friendships with their employees. This can backfire when an employee has to be reprimanded for poor performance. Be careful to separate business and social relationships.

GO EASY. Do not try to achieve too much, too fast, to gain management’s respect. Observe carefully, set goals and then plan how best to achieve them.


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