by By Sarah J.F. Braley | July 01, 2009

John OhurleyTwo fondly remembered recurring characters from the classic sitcom Sein­feld not only love to play golf, they make themselves available for golf events.

John O'Hurley, who played fashion-catalog king (and series regular Julia Louis-Dreyfus' boss) J. Peterman, plays in a number of celebrity tournaments. "If I'd known how far golf would have taken me as an actor," he says, "I would have skipped years of training at the local playhouse and gone right to the driving range."

But the playhouse training didn't hurt. O'Hurley has parlayed his character into a business, buying the real J. Peterman catalog out of bankruptcy (it currently offers a golf shirt called the O'Hurley). He also has a business communications company called Evergreen Media that creates training videos, and he's a motivational speaker.

From O'Hurley's Seinfeld days came a lasting friendship with Patrick Warburton, who played dim-witted garage mechanic (and Julia Louis-Dryfeus' boyfriend) Puddy and currently stars on Rules of Engagement. The two actors play golf together and are available as a pair or separately for events.

Patrick WarburtonWarburton is not quite the golfer O'Hurley is, but he enthusiastically brings his big personality to the course. "I always have fun," he notes. "I like to be sociable. I don't think any of us should take it too seriously."

Evaluating whether his most memorable characters would play the game, Warburton says, "Puddy didn't have the attention span for it. If something took longer than five minutes, he just didn't get the allure. He had a lack of concentration. Jeff [of Rules of Engagement]? Yeah. He lives in the city, and every now and then he might get out and play with a buddy. In one episode he was actually going out to play golf."

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