August 01, 2000
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts August 2000 Current Issue
August 2000

Welcome to the Team

Bringing a new person on board can cause all kinds of ripples. Here is some advice on integrating a new hire from Roger Sommer, vice president of Interim Career Consulting in Los Angeles, an outplacement consulting firm.

Define the job. Make sure the new team member knows exactly what her assignment is. Explain where her responsibilities end and someone else’s begin.

Hold hands. Assign the new hire a buddy, someone to help him get integrated and learn the group norms, showing how they work together. Does everyone eat lunch together, go out for drinks after work?

Get together. Welcome the new person with a small social event. Meet under different circumstances so everyone can get better acquainted.

Give her some space. Don’t micromanage the new team member; let her do her tasks without breathing down her neck. Allow her to make mistakes and learn.


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