July 01, 1999
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts July 1999 Current Issue
July 1999

Complain, complain, complain. Have a beef with a travel-related organization, airline, hotel company, cruise line, car rental company or even an individual working at one of these entities? Research your rights, read horror stories and lodge a complaint through PassengerRights.com (www.passengerrights.com). A year's subscription to "Travel Confidential," the site's monthly newsletter, is $59.

Car shopping. When it is time to replace the family sedan, one of the most reliable resources for car advice is Consumer Reports' annual buying guide (www.consumerreports.org/news/autos/autos.html). In addition to the usual information on the magazine's top picks and ratings for many popular vehicles, the site also offers new-car buying advice, a lease-or-buy game, a leasing worksheet, good bets in used cars, information on child car seats, car-washing secrets and more.


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