by By Lisa Grimaldi | August 01, 2009
HI0809 metal vase




Steel magnolia. Fill these matte metal vases with the brilliant petals of your choice. The recycled steel centerpieces, from online artisan goods purveyor Etsy, sell for $18 each. (718) 855-7953;








HI0809 tape  



Seal with style. A strip of Fred Flare graphic tape can make a brown box distinctive and a plain-wrapped gift a standout. $10 per 75-foot roll. (718) 599-9221;








HI0809 sign


Signature thanks. Gratitude is a dish best served often -- and literally -- from this plate by Museware Pottery. Each piece, priced at $75, features hand-painted thanks in three languages, along with the name of the recipient. (603) 645-6873;





 HI0809 iluv


Shake 'n wake. The new iMM153Desktop Dual Alarm Clock will rouse even the deepest sleepers. The FM radio/iPod docking station features a "bed shaker," which vibrates the pillow or mattress. Available in four colors, at $59.99 each. (866) 807-5946;





HI0809 locks


The secret word. These nifty luggage locks allow users to set their combinations in letters, rather then numbers. Available in five colors; $9.99 each. (603) 948-9673;






HI0809 tins rv


Batter up. Filled with baseball-shaped cookies, the Cooperstown Cookie Co. Bag O'Bunts Stadium Tins will be a big hit with sports fans. Available in four designs, in five different sizes, from $9.99 to $24.99. (888) 269-7315;