July 01, 1998
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts July 1998 Current Issue
June 1998 Short Cuts - Tips for Work, Home and Life
Who Needs Facilitators?
Just as some folks scoff at the thought of therapy, groups might be wary of hiring an outsider to run their meetings and solve their problems. But the skeptics might be among those who need facilitators most....Q&A

Black Tie, Redefined
Formalwear doesn't have to mean a black tux for men and a gown for women. Here's how to read the dress code today.

Health Beat: Is Contraception Necessary?
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is pushing for a federal law requiring insurance companies to cover prescription birth control.

For the Bookshelf
We review Escape from Management Hell, 12 Tales of Horror, Humor, and Heroism, by Robert D. Gilbreath.

Fast Forward: Global Phoneworks
Your cell phone won't work abroad, so rent one that will.

Web Sites We Like
We surf International Currency Express, ResortSource and WeatherPlanner.

Does red wine need to breathe?...Soup is hot.

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