July 01, 2000
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July 2000

Baby on Board

In addition to worrying over maternity leave and day-care decisions, many working moms-to-be agonize over when to tell the boss they are pregnant. The experts at Babycenter.com (www.babycenter.com) give this advice on timing.

Let the danger pass. Wait until you are 14 to 20 weeks along, when the miscarriage risk is low and you have shown you can work while pregnant.

Let the review pass. If your job evaluation is coming up, wait until it is over. You don’t want your impending motherhood to color the comments.

Learn from the experienced. To gauge how the news is likely to be received, talk confidentially to mothers in your office. Be sure you can trust them before sharing your secret.

If it feels right, do it. On the day you plan to tell, take the office’s temperature, then go forward or put it off, depending on the general mood.


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