June 01, 1998
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts June 1998 Current Issue
June 1998 Short Cuts - Tips for Work, Home and Life
All That Jazz
Even those who have never heard of the likes of Louis Armstrong will be clamoring for saxophone lessons after an event at these jazz venues nationwide. ...Q&A

Good Eggs: Caviar
Just as bell-bottoms are hip again, restaurants are reporting a rush on roe. What makes a good egg? Here's a quick profile for the uninitiated.

Health Beat: Do You Have a Food Allergy?
About a third of American's think they're allergic to some food or another, but they're probably just "sensitive." A true food allergy is serious stuff Ñ and relatively rare.

Fast Forward: Palm III
3Com Corp.'s newest PalmPilot has some distinct advantages Ñ and an attractive price.

Web Sites We Like
We surf sites about moving, shopping for frequent flyer miles and finding promotional items online.

Exhibitor tip: Send presents...Regional dining bites from Zagat.

For the Bookshelf
We review Gutsy Mamas by Marybeth Bond, and On Our Own Terms by Liane Enkelis and Karen Olsen.

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