June 01, 2003
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts June 2003 Current Issue
August 2002

Smarter Business Gifts

image Gift-giving in the corporate world is a recognized and effective way for companies to thank clients and promote their business. BusinessWeek (businessweek.buyerzone.com) offers these dos and don’ts for selecting the perfect gift.

Inquire first. Some companies have very strict protocol on accepting gifts. Call ahead to the client’s human resources department and inquire about any guidelines.

Personalize it. Gifts that reflect the recipient’s personal interest or hobbies, such as a particular sport, make an impression. Place a discreet call to the client’s assistant for a few ideas.

Avoid food follies. Before sending specialty foods or gift baskets, check if the recipient has any dietary restrictions such as a peanut allergy. Lack of awareness will reflect negatively on the gift giver.

Leave off the logo. If you already have the client’s business, there is no compelling reason to place your logo on gift items. A discreet decal somewhere on the outer wrapping should be sufficient.


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