June 01, 2003
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts June 2003

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February 2002
Short Cuts: You Told Us...

imageIn March, we asked readers if they ever felt pressured to plan personal events for friends and family. Among your responses:

“I got stuck planning my family’s reunion last July. It was a disaster. Thank God I have good relationships with suppliers. From now on, everyone can do their own thing; I will show up and party hearty.” Renee Pierce, Sacramento, Calif.

“I was suckered into planning a family reunion for this October. I wound up driving from Indiana to Tennessee in January snow to do seven site inspections. I put down the $700 deposit on the chosen property and have yet to see a dime from my sister-in-law.” C.D., Indianapolis

“Friends try to weasel suggestions from me. They don’t come right out and ask, but I end up planning the whole thing anyway.” Lauren Ann Accardo, New York City

“I’m pressured to plan events, but ultimately it doesn’t bother me. In exchange, I get free medical and legal advice. I figure it all works out.” Dale Lando, Sacramento, Calif.

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