June 01, 2002
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June 2002

Giving Thanks

image They might seem inconsequential, but in the job-hunting world, well-written thank-you notes can be powerful marketing tools. Boston College Career Center (careercenter.bc.edu) offers this advice on writing one that will make an impression.

The sooner the better. Ideally, thank-you notes should be sent out within 24 hours of an interview and no later than two days after. With multiple hopefuls streaming in, the interviewer might have a hard time recalling who was who.

Emphasize your interest. Mention your enthusiasm for the company, and reiterate your interest in the position. List one or two skills that would position you as a strong candidate.

Address trouble spots. If the interviewer brought up any concerns in the interview, such as skills or past experience, address them in a positive manner without dwelling on them.

Personalize it. If several people were involved in the interview process, do not send out identical letters. Individualize each with a reference to something the interviewer said or asked.

Use good stationary. Quality bond paper, in neutral tones such as white or cream, along with a matching envelope work best.


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