June 01, 2000
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts June 2000 Current Issue
June 2000

fast forward

Calling in to your voice mail from overseas can be a nuisance, since many phones in other countries do not emit the push-button tones needed to work U.S. systems. Fort Worth-based Radio Shack (www.radioshack.com) solves this dilemma with the 33 Memory Pocket Tone Dialer, a device that sounds the right notes to access tone-based services like voice mail, credit card calling and answering machines. The dialer’s memory holds three “priority” numbers and 30 frequently called numbers; its keypad allows users to dial individual numbers. The device, which costs $24.99, works using three AAA batteries. It is sold at Radio Shack stores; to find the nearest franchise, use the company’s online store locator or call (817) 415-3200.


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