June 01, 2000
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts June 2000

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June 2000
Short Cuts:
On the SpotWhat do you most fear going wrong at a meeting?

“Arriving to find out the facility made an error and does not have my event in their book, even when I have a contract. We organize thousands of meetings, and this fear becomes reality about five or six times every year. The way to get around this is to have a specific person whose sole job is to check and re-check dates.”
Micheale Hensley
Manager, Facility Planning
American Management Association International
Leawood, Kan.

“That the hotel will not come through at lunch time. One or two meetings ago, the food and beverage staff forgot to prepare a planned lunch for 250 people. Luckily for us, they were able to piece together a deli-style lunch in 10 minutes, and it was wonderful. For a couple of minutes, however, I was in a panic.”
Linda Shafer
Meetings Manager
Southwest Oncology Group
San Antonio, Texas
“I always worry the event speaker will be inconvenienced in some way. This can vary from the speaker being involved in a snafu, his room reservation being lost or a late arrival due to canceled flights or wrong directions. My main fear is the embarrassment this would cause.”
David Schlumper
Program Manager
Serono Symposia
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