May 01, 1999
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts May 1999

Current Issue
May 1999
Short Cuts:
Q&AsHow have you cut costs this year?

“We’ve asked for longer lead times on events. Then we can plan things more efficiently...Sometimes, we combine cocktail parties and hearty hors d’oeuvres, instead of a dinner. When waiters are passing the trays, people won’t take as much, and you can get away with ordering less.”
Cynthia Dugan, CMP
Manager, Customer Briefing Center
Rolling Meadows, Ill.

“In our department, we’re taking fewer trips, so we’re saving dollars. With regard to actual meetings, we’re looking at ways to do the same type of meetings for less. One way is to hold them here in Moline, where hotel and food costs are much lower.”
Dean Hungate
Administrator of Marketing Information
Deere & Co.
Moline, Ill.

“In some circumstances, we’ve gone to a wine-and-beer-only bar. We don’t do it for senior-level execs, only junior-level. In most cases, they prefer beer and wine, so they don’t mind at all.”
Pat La Tour
Administrative Manager
Arlington, Va.

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