May 01, 1998
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May 1998
Short Cuts:
Kids Wreak Hotel Havoc

Robert J. Ullery, Elder Hostel Coordinator for the State University of New York at Albany, wrote to M&C about a rather unpleasant hotel experience. Can you relate? Any suggestions to share?

We recently returned from a meeting in the New Orleans area, where we stayed over one extra night following a week with our group of 250 participants.

The extra night was not pleasant. The property had booked a meeting for youth of high school or college age whose goal in life seemed to be to torture other guests with phone calls, knocking on doors and making noise all night long.

We experienced a similar situation during a meeting at another hotel last year. I'm sure such scenarios are repeated across the country regularly.

My suggestion: For groups of young guests in particular, properties should require an advance deposit of $20 per night per attendee to be used to satisfy disturbed guests, if necessary. The balance, if any, would be returned to the group. If no problems occur, 100 percent would be returned.

I realize properties must fill their space and may not be in a position to reject business, but I also realize an obligation to other guests. I would be interested in hearing the experiences or suggestions of your readers.

Send your comments on this topic - or something else you're grappling with - to Loren Edelstein, Executive Editor, M&C, 500 Plaza Dr., Secaucus, N.J. 07096; fax: (201) 319-1796; e-mail:

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