May 01, 2003
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts May 2003 Current Issue
August 2002

Signage on a Budget

image Custom-made signage does not have to take a gouge out of the meeting budget. Carrollton, Texas-based Fastsigns International Inc. ( offers these tips for affordable signage.

One size is best. Stick to one size of template. This allows the printer to get the most out of a single sheet of material.

Do your own artwork. Design the sign in-house and avoid the cost of customized graphics.

Consider quality. When ordering signage for a one-time use, go for a less expensive grade of the material. If it will be used several times, ask the printer to recommend a reasonably priced material that will hold up well.

Make it there. If the signs are needed for an off-site meeting, have them made in the host city to eliminate costly shipping charges.

Get the edge. Want to catch their attention? Add a border. The cost is negligible, but studies show viewers will read the sign 26 percent faster.


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