May 01, 2003
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May 2003
Short Cuts:Corporate Juggling Acts

How to beguile an audience with manual dexterity

Fire drill: The amazing Raspyni Brothers

Attendees spend a lot of time and energy juggling family and work responsibilities why not hire some professionals to show them how it’s really done? “Juggling touches the playful child in people, loosens them up and stimulates good times,” says Ginny Rose, festival coordinator of the 2,700-member International Jugglers Association ( in Montague, Mass.

Among the many successful acts on the corporate event circuit are the Raspyni Brothers ( a.k.a. Barry Friedman and Daniel Holzman. The duo forgo tennis balls and juggling sticks in favor of more unusual items, including sharpened gardening implements, battle-axes and corporate tools such as golf clubs. “Every group is different,” says Friedman. “I love incorporating themes or corporate messages into our act that hopefully turn on a lightbulb in people’s minds.” Among several themed routines, the brothers perform one on risk-taking, which calls for a heavy dose of audience participation. Company executives are invited to bounce on trampolines, while the pros juggle all manner of props around them. Shows usually last between 45 and 75 minutes.

Jim, one-named star of The Jim Show (, is a West Somerville, Mass.-based juggler who has been teaching corporate groups how-to since 1992. His hourlong performance combines physical stunts, slapstick comedy, a bit of magic and, of course, juggling. “The advantage of a variety act is that the audience gets many shows in one,” says Jim.


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