May 01, 2000
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May 2000

Life Outside the Office

When someone asks “how’s life?” is your first thought of work? If so, get help. Columbus, Ohio, psychologist Steve Wilson tells how to keep your career from governing your happiness.

Take stock of what makes you happy. “If all of your sense of self-satisfaction comes from your career, you are in jeopardy.”

Get a family life “If you don’t have a family nearby, make one.” Friends and people with common interests can serve as surrogates.

Make your career goals known. “Don’t wait for someone to notice what a valued employee you are. Ask how you can make your goals a reality.”

Create balance. “If work is the only thing that gets you out of bed, you are setting yourself up for an emotional disaster,” says Wilson. Many sources of satisfaction will keep you from hitting bottom in the event of an unexpected setback.


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