May 01, 2000
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May 2000
Bracelet Short Cuts:

Do magnets have the power to relieve pain? Many seem to think so. In this country alone, consumers spent an estimated $300 million last year on bracelets, wristbands, belts, mattresses and countless other products embedded with magnets, according to Datamonitor, a global market-analysis firm based in New York City. .

Believers credit magnets with curing everything from headaches and sinus pain to arthritis and rheumatism. Athletes say magnetic products help their game, too, keeping pain at bay. Riviera Beach, Fla.-based Tectonic Magnets ( counts among its celebrity endorsers golfers Bob Murphy and Jim Colbert, and baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron. Florsheim, the shoe company, recently teamed up with Tectonic to launch the MagneForce line of men’s and women’s golf shoes (

Why do magnets work? Among the leading theories: They stimulate blood flow, bringing extra oxygen and nutrients to trouble spots; they block pain receptors, and they produce endorphins that reduce pain.


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