May 01, 2000
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May 2000
Short Cuts:Wishful thinking: Let winners pick their gifts

Looking for a personalized way to reward top performers? Ask for a wish list. A number of online companies offer personal gift registration services that, like bridal registries, allow recipients to create a profile and provide a list of desired items. Some services even work with planners to design a finite menu of choices. Participants appreciate choosing their own gifts, and planners field fewer complaints.

“A wish list motivates better” than the one-gift-fits-all approach, according to Keith Kraemer, CEO of, which allows recipients to choose their goods from any Internet retailer.

Wish lists also can be designed through individual retailers. Tell top performers they can use the wish-list feature of to select merchandise rewards (up to a predetermined dollar amount, of course). Or invite recipients to submit wish lists at a sports-equipment site, such as, as a tie-in with tournaments or team-building activities.


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