by Hunter R. Slaton | November 01, 2009


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Why are you an active member of a meetings industry association regional chapter?


"I call the Greater New York Chapter of Meeting Professionals International my ‘learning lab,' because we experiment with innovative concepts at the chapter level and, when they work, we have something new to offer our ‘real' internal and external clientele. That's what helps keep our industry progressing."

Patty Stern, CMP
DMM Group
New York City

"Even though I've been in the meetings industry for 20 years, when I attend regional chapter events, I always discover some little nugget of education that I can take away from it."

William J. Nicholas III, CMP, CME
Global Exhibits and Events Manager
WJN Exhibits and Events
Basking Ridge, N.J.

"While our organization holds up to 50 meetings each year, only a small percentage of those are held in Denver. By getting involved in the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Professional Convention Management Association, I can get to know colleagues in my own backyard, developing both professional connections and personal friendships."

Sarah Utzig, CMP
Director of Meetings
National Conference of State Legislatures