April 01, 2002
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts April 2002 Current Issue
April 2002

Packing Today

imageWith a little foresight and a dash of proactive creativity, travelers can avoid carry-on distress. Try these easy-to-implement tips culled from road warriors.

Zip it. Resealable, transparent sandwich bags are ideal for storing toiletry items, makeup products and the like. Not only do they allow security scanners to see the contents clearly, they help prevent countertop spills when further inspection is called for.

Lose the laces. Now that footwear is a major focus of airport security forces nationwide, consider wearing some type of easily removable shoe, such as mules or loafers. With no laces to fumble with, they can speed up the boarding process

Pocket the goods. With carry-on restrictions more stringent than ever, space is a precious commodity. A travel wardrobe of jackets with multiple pockets and roomy cargo pants is ideal for stashing items such as cell phones, snacks, bottled water and small cameras.

Ship it ahead. Still stressing? Consider overnighting those travel necessities. The shipping cost may be well worth the lower blood pressure.


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