April 01, 2002
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April 2002
Short Cuts:

A fungus among us

There’s good news for those who suffer with tinea pedis, better known as athlete’s foot. A new pill can dramatically improve the symptoms that keep an estimated one million Americans itching, scratching, flaking and, worse, talking about it over lunch. But first, a review of this rampant rash.

Athlete’s foot is an infection caused by a common fungus often found in public places, such as club showers and locker rooms. Once contracted, the fungus thrives on warm, moist environments and can cause cracked, blistered skin or even open sores. For years, physicians have prescribed various lotions to treat the condition, but a recent breakthrough might give patients a foot up on relief.

“A new pill derived from a topical treatment known as Lamisil works great on most symptoms,” says Dr. Robert Frimmell, DPM, Florida state president of the American Podiatric Medical Association in Sarasota. “It also helps to keep the feet clean and dry; use an antifungal powder and wear shoes made from materials that allow air to circulate.” In other words, ditch the vinyl slippers.


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