by Sarah J.F. Braley | November 30, 2009

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What do you expect from your job in 2010? 


"I'm just hoping I have a job and that the economy changes so we are planning more meetings. Our goal next year is strategic meetings management, using an approval process -- the program is launching next month. We want to capture more of the spend that we know is out there."

Sara Gunderman, CMP
Manager of Meeting Operations
Sanofi Pasteur
Swiftwater, Pa.

"If being an independent planner doesn't pan out and senior positions start opening up again, I might be with a corporation at this time next year. I'm just trying to go where the money is. I have been interviewing. I'm on my fourth round with a medical meetings company."

Sarah E. Hamilton, CMP
Meeting, Event and Trade Show
Project Manager

"I expect to still have a job, because our meetings have not decreased. We have to do testing, we have to do scoring and, because we're a nonprofit, we have to have board meetings. If anything, more people are going back to school now and taking tests. I see 2010 as a lucrative year for meetings."

Diane P. Deidloff, CMP
Senior Corporate Meeting Planner, Finance
Educational Testing Service
Princeton, N.J.