April 01, 2001
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts April 2001 Current Issue
April 2001
Short Cuts:Dressing The part


If this idea was a snake, it would have bitten us,” says Sue Harrison, a partner with Steppin’ Out (www.steppinoutcostumes.com), a costume company in Los Angeles. Late last year, a General Electric planner wanted racks of costumes set up backstage during a karaoke party, adding another dimension to the art of imitation. Harrison’s initial reaction: “Are you sure you want us to do that?”

A hired Cher look-alike got the ball rolling by pulling a smallish man from the audience, dressing him as Sonny and bringing down the house. “They kept us two hours overtime,” says Harrison. “People were lined up to do their numbers dressed as the Beatles, the B-52s, you name it.”

With interest high among other firms, the company is getting ready to market the concept nationally. “But first,” says Harrison, “we need to get a few more Elvis costumes.”


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