April 01, 2000
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts April 2000 Current Issue
April 2000
Short Cuts:Think fast! Improv troupes teach lessons with laughter

What works for Drew Carey fans also encourages jaded Dilbert-clipping attendees to cut loose. Requiring only an ability to think on one's toes, interactive workshops employ improvisation to hone listening and speaking skills, creativity and teamwork.

Milwaukee-based ComedySportz offers improv workshops in which groups are given scenarios (like a staged job interview) to use as a springboard. Says co-founder Bob Orvis, "If people are having fun, they're more receptive" to the work that follows. (414) 272-8888

Chicago City Limits, based in New York City, leads exercises to foster spontaneity, team building and brainstorming. Artistic director/executive producer Paul Zuckerman says improv skills are an asset in the business arena, where communication and quick comebacks can make or break a deal. (212) 888-5233


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