March 01, 2002
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts March 2002 Current Issue
March 2002
Short Cuts: When it comes to creative trophies...
These awards take the prize


Who says all trophies have to look alike? For inspirational purposes, here are some delightfully offbeat awards that were commissioned to acknowledge a job well done.

Trophy Awards (800-455-6011), based in Wilder, Ky., fashioned a trophy shaped like a guillotine for an incentive winner at a metals manufacturing firm.

For a major construction company meeting, Jersey City, N.J.-based Crown Trophy (201-795-9420) created an appreciation award for the firm’s president, known for his booming voice, in the shape of earplugs. The award was presented with a special plaque recommending that it be given to his wife.

One top salesperson at a financial services firm received a lucite-encased cell phone made by Action Trophies & Awards in Carrollton, Texas (877-805-8501), in homage to all the phones he had dropped and broken or lost in the line of duty.

For a recent law-enforcement convention, New York City-based House of Trophies (718-378-6168) devised a brassiere-shaped award that was given to a federal drug prosecutor to “commemorate a big bust.”


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