March 01, 2001
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March 2001
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Internet appliances have been getting a lot of attention lately. No wonder: They deliver what most people want from a computer e-mail and Internet access in a smaller, cheaper package than a fully equipped PC. The New Internet Computer, or NIC (, comes with an internal 56K modem and Ethernet capabilities, supports most plug-ins like Flash and Real Player, and retails for $199.99, without monitor. The Ergo Audrey (ergo.3com., pictured) is the smallest and simplest device and starts at $499. It offers organizer, e-mail and browser functions and features a touch screen that can be written on with the provided stylus. Compaq’s contribution to the field is the iPaq. The IA-1 model sells for $599 and is equipped with four USB ports, a wireless keyboard and a 10.1” flat screen monitor.


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