March 01, 2000
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts March 2000 Current Issue
March 2000

Looking to shave 15 minutes or more from your morning routine? Try these strategies, compiled with the help of Donald E. Wetmore, president of The Productivity Institute in Shelton, Conn.

Plan your wardrobe. Lay out clothing and accessories the night before. Have young kids choose their outfits at night, too.

Set the coffeemaker. Invest in one with a timer. Set it up at night so your java is ready when you wake.

Eat at the office. Keep milk in the office fridge and a box of cereal in your desk.

Make lunches by night. If you bring your lunch -- a good way to save time during the day -- get it ready before bed. Pack kids' lunches in the evening, too. Older children should pack their own lunches.

Keep the TV off. If you are the type who will be gripped by an interesting story and unable to continue dressing while listening, do not turn on your favorite morning show.

Get up earlier. It might seem like a last resort, but "an extra half-hour will help you get organized," says Wetmore. "You'll be able to get more done without feeling rushed."


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