March 01, 2000
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March 2000

Too busy or too lazy? Need a favorite snack or a book to read right now? When in New York City, order it from Urban Fetch ( Items in stock (marked by a shopping-cart icon) are delivered in less than an hour, with no delivery charge. Offering similar service is (, available in New York City, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. ( specializes in everyday errands 9 it will even pick up your dry cleaning 9 and serves clients in Washington, D.C., and Boston.

Show you care. For a special occasion -- or no reason in particular -- send a package of goodies. ( offers prepackaged boxes like the Couch Potato (filled with fattening snacks) and Sick Bay (drugstore items and chicken noodle soup). Or choose to customize the box from a large list of products.


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