March 01, 2000
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February 2000
AppleShort Cuts:

Sure, it might look like lard, but tofu has earned a respectable place on the American table. And age-old health claims about tofu and other soy products now are backed by the Food and Drug Administration. A few months ago, the FDA gave manufacturers the OK to state on packaging that foods with soy protein might reduce the risk of heart disease.

How much soy do you need? Foods with at least 6.25 grams of soy protein qualify for the official health claim. People who consume 25 grams of soy protein daily, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, should see significant reductions in blood cholesterol, according studies cited by the FDA. Qualifying foods might include soy beverages, tofu, soy-based meat alternatives (such as tofu hot dogs) and even some baked goods.

Let's Talk Soy (, a Web site operated by the St. Louis-based United Soybean Board, provides health and product information, along with recipes in quantities for home or food- service use. Additional information and links can be found at, a site produced by the Indiana Soybean Board.


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