February 01, 1998
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts February 1998 Current Issue
February 1998

Having some trouble reading your screen? You no longer have to pull your chair closer to your desk or lean in to interpret the tiny message scrolling across a Web page: Renowned optical company Bausch & Lomb offers the PC Magni-Viewer to help bring that information into focus. The 6-inch-by-8-inch lens is mounted to a 360-degree swinging arm that sits on top of your monitor and magnifies information 175 percent. The viewer also can be adjusted in and out and tilted to make your work station more ergonomically correct. It fits well on all 13-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch monitors.

The PC Magni-Viewer costs about $250. For ordering information, call Bausch & Lomb at (800) 771-1168, or visit the company's Web site (www.bauschvision.com). * SARAH J.F. BRALEY

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