February 01, 2003
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts February 2003 Current Issue
February 2003
Short Cuts: Pillow Mints Give Way to Hot-Water Bottles
Hotel Heats Up the Sheets


Instead of a mint on their pillows, guests at the luxury 213-suite Clayton on the Park in St. Louis will find an old-fashioned prescription for sweet dreams a hot-water bottle.

The property’s general manager, Micarl Hill, who hates “boring, predictable hotels,” ordered the water bottles from Martha Stewart Living magazine and prevailed upon his mother-in-law to sew the flannel covers, which come in three different patterns. The finishing touch is a card wishing guests pleasant dreams.

“Nobody was eating the mints,” says Hill, who is proud to note that he came up with the idea for the sheet-warming bottles. “It’s just another homey touch we feel our guests will enjoy, because, unless they steal the towels, they only leave with a memory” and, of course, a bill.


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