by Lisa Grimaldi | March 17, 2010

Association executives are more optimistic about their organizations' revenue and membership issues than they were nearly a year ago, according to a new study released by ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership. The survey of 960 association CEOs was conducted in January and February; it is the second installment of the organization's executive survey (the first was conducted last spring), and fourth in a series that looked at the impact of the economy on the association community. Among the findings:
• Twenty-three percent of association executives predict revenue will increase in 2010 (just 12 percent predicted revenue growth in the previous study), and 38 percent believe it will decrease (compared with 64 percent in the previous poll).
• One-third of respondents believe revenue will increase from multiday events (a 6 percent rise from last year), 27 percent expect sponsorships to increase (up from 13 percent in the previous poll) and 20 percent predict foundation giving will improve (compared with 11 percent in the previous survey).
More findings on the two economic impact studies can be accessed here.