February 01, 2002
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February 2002

Easing Career Transitions

Considering a major job change? A career transition consultant can help, says Dr. Carol McClelland, author of Changing Careers for Dummies (Hungry Minds Inc.; www.dummies.com). Costs vary, from flat fees for résumé help to hourly fees for one-on-one consulting services. Following are some important considerations.

GOOD DIRECTIONS. For those who are not quite sure what the next step should be, career counseling can be critical. “I’ve had clients say, ‘Wow, I really want to be a ‘whatever,’” McClelland says, “and then they realize it just doesn’t fit.” A good consultant will help clients reflect on what they’ve done in the past, what they want to do now, and then focus on viable options.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS. Consultants can help write a killer résumé, and then prepare you for the interview like an actor rehearsing a scene before a performance.

THE RIGHT TIMING. The downturn in the economy is actually opening up new career options, says McClelland. She predicts cash-strapped companies are open to discussions on part-time work and working from home, creating attractive options for job-seekers.


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