February 01, 2001
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts February 2001 Current Issue
February 2001

Hiring a Personal Trainer

Are you forever pledging to start exercising tomorrow? It might be time to hire a personal trainer for motivation and guidance. Keep the following tips in mind, and then visit www.ustrainersearch.com to find a qualified trainer in your area.

Set goals. Look for a trainer who specializes in your area of interest, whether it be marathon running, firming up after a pregnancy or starting an exercise routine after a health scare.

Check credentials. Ask for proof of certification, and verify it. Two certifying bodies are the American Council of Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine. Ask if the trainer is certified in CPR and whether he carries insurance to cover injuries to clients.

Build a rapport. If you do not get along with your trainer, odds are you won’t look forward to your sessions. Make a change if the fit isn’t right.

Be committed. Remember, the trainer can’t do your sweating for you. Give it your all if you want to see results but remember to get your doctor’s OK before beginning a new exercise routine.


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