February 01, 2001
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February 2001
Short Cuts:LOGGED ON


The The Kodak Smart Picture Frame s a fun and clever way to display digital photographs. The cherry-wood-finish frame has a 6.4-inch, 16-bit color LCD screen, on which can be displayed a single photo or a loop of up to 36 images. Insert a COMPACTFLASH Card into the card slot, and hundreds of photos are viewable on the frame. An internal modem connects over a telephone line to Kodak’s StoryBox Network, over which photos can be shared with other StoryBox subscribers. Personalized content such as local weather, traffic and sports also can be downloaded from the StoryBox Network to the frame. The frame retails for about $350, which includes a six-month subscription to the StoryBox Network. Learn more at www.kodak.com and www.storybox.com.


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