February 01, 2001
Meetings & Conventions: Short Cuts February 2001 Current Issue
February 2001
Short Cuts:Shedding light On domestic violence


Similar to the breast cancer awareness campaign that raised the profile of the disease from stigma to public health issue, the San Francisco-based Family Violence Prevention Fund is partnering with several Fortune 500 companies to bring public awareness and sensitivity to another widespread problem: abuse at home. Indeed, domestic violence and its aftermath afflict nearly one-third of American women and can have a “devastating impact on performance and attendance,” says FVPF workplace manager Donna Norton.

The National Workplace Resource Center on Domestic Violence, a collaboration between the FVPF and corporations such as American Express and Verizon Wireless, offers material for employers who want to bring the issue to light and offer support. Informative posters can be placed discreetly in rest rooms, and training videos and model newsletters show managers how to communicate with employees about the issue.

For information and materials, contact the FVPF at (415) 252-8900 or www.fvpf.org.


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