January 01, 1999
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January 1999
Short Cuts:

Burn calories and cash: The Pedal 'N Play Cycle

For those who believe you can never be too thin or too rich, the latest gaming gimmick gives body-conscious gamblers a chance to achieve both

The Pedal ‘N Play Cycle, a combination stationary bike/ slot machine, and The Money Mill, a treadmill/slot machine, were introduced in November by Fairfax, Va.-based Fitness Gaming Corporation, inviting players to try to boost their bottom lines while firming up their bottoms. “I combined my two passions gambling and fitness which also happen to be two of the largest industries in the world,” says Kathy Harris, the firm’s president.

Both machines which are designed for casinos, not health clubs accept bills, so exercisers don’t have to keep putting coins into the slots. And no resting is allowed. “You can’t play unless you pedal, and vice versa,” says Harris. When either action stops, she adds, the machines shut down automatically.

When can you expect to see Adidas-clad fitness freaks trying their luck side-by-side with the blue-rinse hair crowd? One month after their introduction, contracts were in the works with “a casino in the South” and a cruise line; Harris says she’s had other inquiries from gaming venues around the globe, and her firm is working on a third product, a stair stepper/slot combo.

“I think the reason they’re catching on is clear,” says Harris. “Even if you lose your money, you still win because you’ve had a good workout.”

Lisa Grimaldi

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