January 01, 2002
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January 2002

When a Colleague Grieves

IIn these tough times, out-of-work meeting planners might find it takes several months, or much longer, to find a new position. Robert Chope, Ph.D., author of Dancing Naked: Breaking Through the Emotional Limits That Keep You From the Job You Want (New Harbinger Publications; www.newharbinger.com), offers these ways to keep your psyche healthy during the hunt.

Avoid negativity. “When I work with people in times of crisis, they tend to kill ideas,” says Chope. “You have to be open to suggestions.”

Don’t talk yourself down. You are not to blame for the current economic conditions. Have faith your experience will eventually win out and the right job will open up.

Learn a new skill. Improving on your current abilities helps bolster self-esteem and can lead to new job opportunities.

Live well. People who spend a lot of time at home often fall into bad habits. Get into a healthful groove. Eat well and exercise.

Look the part. Don’t neglect your appearance. When an all-important interview or networking opportunity arises, be well-groomed and ready to go.


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