January 01, 2001
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January 2001

Working Comfortably

imageIs your workstation ergonomically correct? If not, long hours sitting awkwardly in front of the computer can result in painful ailments. Following are some smart moves from the experts at www.ergoweb.com and www.office-ergo.com.

Sit up straight. The right chair can make all the difference. Your feet should rest flat on the floor, and your back should be flush to the chair's back. To avoid holding your arms at an odd angle, keep the armrests level with the computer keyboard.

Go the distance. The computer monitor should be placed at arm's length from your chair.

Be bright about it. A well-lit workspace is key to preventing eyestrain. Also, look up from the monitor periodically and focus on something far in the distance.

Move. Get up and stretch. Take a few quick breaks throughout the day.


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